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Membership Application


 Jersey Shore Area Red Knights Motorcycle Club

PA Chapter XXXII


Membership Application




Name:           ________________________  Date:            _______________________


Address:      _____________________________________________________________


Fire Co:       _____________________________________________________________


Email:          ________________________  Phone:    __________       Cell:____________



License #:    _______________________    State:            _______________________


Motorcycle                                                    Cycle

Type:           _______________________    Insurance #:  _______________________



Contact:       _______________________     Phone:         _______________________



Membership Applying For:  ________________________________________________                                                                          



Annual membership fees of $20.00 are due before your membership is voted on (refunded if membership is not approved).
Make Checks Payable to Red Knights MC PA Chapter 32 and mail with application.
You can also give it to any Club Member or bring it to our next meeting

Jersey Shore Area Red Knights

PA Chapter XXXII

PO Box 175

Jersey Shore, PA 17740